Mother and Baby

Frye Regional’s Birthing Center provides a variety of services for women and children from prenatal care and labor and delivery to pediatric care. The Center pampers moms and moms-to-be with educational classes, private labor and delivery suites, mom and baby rooming-in options, mommy massages, and much more. You can even expect an elegant dinner for two to celebrate before you leave.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina took note of our quality and awarded Frye Regional Medical Center a Blue Distinction Center+ in Maternity Care. This national award recognizes our expertise and efficiency in delivering specialty care.

Maintain Healthy Habits For You and Your Baby

Help Along The Way

At Frye, we will help you along the way as you prepare for childbirth and motherhood. The Birthing Center offers the following services to care for you and your family:

Choose Frye Birthing Center

Consider Frye Regional Medical Center for the delivery of your baby. We are pleased to play a role in this life-changing event. We have a caring staff of physicians, nurse practitioners, lactation consultants and nurses who are prepared to care for you and your baby.

What to Expect

We would like to share with you in advance what you can expect as part of your labor, postpartum, and nursery care.

Free Tools Are Available

Be prepared for a smooth hospital stay and focus on what’s most important – those first few moments with your new family. Free tools are available. Go to and download the mobile app to learn about practices that can get families off to a great start.

Coeffective is a Baby Friendly hospital initiative.

Important Contact Numbers

Your family may call your hospital room direct by dialing 315-4 and your room number.

Birthing Center: 828.315.3272

Well Baby Nursery: 828.315.3267

Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery: 828.315.3232

Lactation Center: 828.315.3041

Hospital Main Line: 828.315.5000

Perinatal Education: 828.315.3104 (Childbirth Classes, Sibling Tour, etc.)

Nurse Manager of Maternal Child Services: 828.315.5287