Surgical Weight Loss Program

For the severely obese, carrying around extra pounds can not only be life threatening but may limit daily activities. Severe obesity means being overweight to the point where your body may be prone to diseases such as diabetes and a wide range of other serious disorders. The Surgical Weight Loss Program at Frye Regional Medical Center offers surgical hope and help to those who have tried repeatedly to lose excess weight and keep it off.


This program is designed for those with a body mass index equal to or greater than 40, or greater than 35 with a medically treated co-morbidity, such as hypertension, diabetes or sleep apnea. The patient must meet the medical criteria established for this program.

Bariatric Accreditations and Certifications

  • MBSAQIP Accredited Center
  • Aetna Institute of Quality® for Bariatric Surgery
  • Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric Surgery
  • OptumHealth Bariatric Centers of Excellence
  • Cigna-Certified Bariatric Hospital

Your Medical Support Team


The Surgical Weight Loss Program at Frye Regional offers continuous support to help each individual patient deal with the physical, emotional and social problems that may accompany the severely overweight person. Our program is implemented by a multidisciplinary medical team consisting of surgeons, anesthesiologists, program coordinator, exercise specialists, dietitian, nursing staff and support staff. They work together to assess each patient's needs on a individual basis to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Our team supports you through the program with continued education and counseling before and after the procedure. Our goal is to help you lose weight and enjoy your new life. But we cannot do this alone. You are as much a part of the team as your caregivers and most of the responsibility for achieving your desired weight loss and goals is up to you. Achieving success with the Surgical Weight Loss Program requires commitment, following a diet plan, exercising and following up with our physician and support staff on a regular basis. Our team will help you along the way in achieving your goals and making the lifestyle changes that can help guide you on your new journey.

Monthly Support Groups are offered for peer support.

Attend a Free Educational Seminar

To find out if surgical weight loss may be an option for you, we offer free educational seminars.

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